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 Navinta, LLC is a privately held generic pharmaceutical company, established in 2003, dedicated to developing and commercializing pharmaceutical products to treat patients with chronic and life-threatening diseases. Navinta means “novelty” inspiring a culture of transforming ideas into technology and advancing innovation to the marketplace with new medicines. Navinta has focused its research and regulatory activities on developing new formulations, complex products, and unique pharmaceutical delivery systems. Navinta owns 21 process and product patents, 29 active Drug Master Files, and has 15 approved ANDA commercial products.


Our world-class scientists are currently developing a pipeline of dosage form products that include analgesics, cardiovascular therapeutic agents, cytotoxic anticancer agents, novel delivery sprays, and uniquely formulated oral dosage forms. These products will be brought to the commercial marketplace through a regulatory strategy of traditional ANDA filings as well as  NDA submissions and device applications. In addition to dosage forms, Navinta's chemical process group is focused on developing cytotoxic, sterile, liquid, and polymer chemistry APIs as well as the cGMP manufacturing of controlled substances in our DEA registered facility.

Our global supply chain and sourcing processes secure the services of qualified, FDA  and MHRA approved, contract manufacturing organizations to manufacture and serialize Navinta products for distribution. Navinta’s Quality Assurance group, continuous improvement programs, and supplier performance management systems ensure Navinta’s products are manufactured to the highest quality standards at competitive costs. We value our patients and customers, the communities we serve, and our business partners while operating with the highest level of accountability and integrity.


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