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Red Wood

Navinta is enhancing its future product portfolio and competitive market position by investing in internal R&D capabilities and external partnerships to develop differentiated therapeutic agents, specialty products,  novel delivery systems, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Navinta will continue to build its business and product portfolio offerings through internal growth and R&D productivity focused on advancing “novel technologies for new medicines” in critical therapeutic areas. Our world-class scientists are currently developing a pipeline of dosage form products that include analgesics, cardiovascular therapeutic agents, cytotoxic anticancer agents, novel delivery sprays, and uniquely formulated oral dosage forms. In addition to dosage forms, Navinta's chemical process group is focused on developing cytotoxic, sterile, liquid, and polymer chemistry APIs. These products will be brought to the commercial marketplace through a regulatory strategy of traditional generic ANDA filings as well as 505(b)(2) NDA submissions and device applications. Our advanced development programs focus on complex products, challenging formulations, and unique delivery systems that include:


  • 10 Oral products (tablets, capsules)

  • 8   Injectable products (RTU solution, lyophilized)

  • 3   Spray delivery products (unique delivery systems)

  • 2   novel alternate routes of delivery products


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